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Christmassy Thank you!

The end of the year and the Christmas season are just around the corner. We would now like to take a moment to thank you for everything. Thank you for your loyalty, trust and cooperation in 2021. Be assured that we will always be there for you next year with enthusiasm, performance and commitment. We wish you and your team a peaceful and relaxing Christmas season with your family and a pleasant transition into the new year. Above all, stay healthy, because this is the key to a successful 2022. With christmas greetings, Herbert, Gitti und Viktoria Effertz with the KBV Effertz Team

22. December 2021|Categories: Company, KBV Effertz|

Our new KBV Effertz Website on the occasion of our 25th anniversary

Dear customers, finally the moment has come! After months of planning and work we are proud to present our new, completely redesigned website. Our web presence appears in a new silver shine, matching our 25th company anniversary. But not only our website now has a new look, also our complete company appearance including our logo has changed. Our appearance is now fresher and has adapted to our new competences, which we have gained over the last 25 years, by using modern shapes and colors. Together with our new look, we want to continue to offer you the best service and the most efficient products and we wish to look forward to another 25 years together with you. We would like [...]

31. December 2020|Categories: Company, KBV Effertz, Notes|

Our best Christmas wishes!

Aren't you amazed when you notice how time passes so quickly? This year is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner. Now it's about time to escape from the exciting everyday work life and come to rest. As the year draws to a close, it is also an exciting time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future with joy. We would like to thank you for the many successful moments we were able to experience with you and we hope that many more experiences will be added in the coming year! Thank you very much for your trust! Enjoy your days off and recharge your batteries for a successful year 2021 in both your [...]

24. December 2020|Categories: KBV Effertz, Notes|

Product introduction: Our new KBV Effertz hand operated fork

Finally, the moment has come and we can present our latest product innovation! In the middle of the year 2020 we developed our official KBV Effertz hand operated aerator. It is a construction made of robust aluminum with a comfortable total weight of about 2.6 kg / 5,7 lbs. Our high-quality processed hand aerator fits well in the hand due to its comfortable, knurled handle. It is very easy and intuitive to use. Also the assembly with a common 5 mm allen key is very simple. We also carry matching interchangeable tool holder blocks with different mounts for spoons, which can be easily mounted and dismounted at the lower part of the fork as desired. Including a tool holder with [...]

7. October 2020|Categories: Announcements, NEW, Products|

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