NEW – tiny tine® – The smallest hollow tine with the biggest core

Our new tiny tine® is literally the tiniest performance star out of all hollow tines. With a total length of only 115 mm and an outside diameter of 8 mm, as well as a core diameter of 5,5 mm it can reach a working depth of up to 40 mm. With that being said it is the smallest hollow tine from our product range with the biggest core possible.

It stitches 1,150 holes per square-meter and therefore it opens up so 6% of the green’s surface. Field-tested and checked with our highest quality standards, it has a very long service life. For example, projected on to 9 greens (every green has a size of approximately 500 square-meters) it counts up to a total surface of 4.500 aerified square-meters and 8 tons of removed organic material. It thus has proven very durable.

tiny tine®’s sharp cutting edge provides an optimal hole pattern as well as a perfect ejection of organic material.

With it’s agile, narrow silhouette tiny tine® effects no edge zone displacement, which means that it is no longer necessary to roll or flatten the green’s surface. Due to the saving of smooting the greens it saves time throughout the overall process of aeration and the golf players aren’t affected whilst playing.

After removing the piled up organic material, the greens are immediately ready for golf play. tiny tine® can be used all year round and has also proven its efficiency on wet soil and cold temperatures.

tiny tine® has a 3/8“ mounting and is ideal for hand-operated aerifiers like Toro ProCore 648.