Fresh ideas combined with a professional work ethic: we are guided by these characteristics during the manufacture of our aeration tools.

The result is our unique new innovation: Longlife.

The Longlife range features conventional spoons made using innovative material development. This tough, hard-wearing raw material gives products in this series their extremely long durability.

As part of a modern, elaborate process, several layers of a special hardening coat are applied. This provides additional protection against wear and rust.

During aeration using a hollow spoon, a “lotus effect” arises as the spoon plunges into the sod, ensuring that fewer particles of earth remain attached to the slot end. As a result, plugs of soil are extracted in a precise manner.

Thus, Longlife stands for exceptional, creative design, combined with our awareness of high quality.

Top 3 benefits:

  • extremely long lifetime
  • highly efficient
  • optimum price/performance ratio

Hollow tine

clean, precise puncture pattern

Conispoon® cross

no lifting of earth with tool

Conispoon® round

effective water and air flow

Conispoon® flat

no suction effect during withdrawal
of tool