Aeration tools

The right aeration tools for any season!

Carrying out regular soil aeration work is one of the most important types of mechanical maintenance for grass surfaces that are used for sports and are subject to intense use, such as golf courses, football pitches and riding arenas.

Continuous working of the soil, also known as “aeration”, is highly important for a number of reasons. Particularly the fact that both the grass roots and the beneficial microorganisms in the root zone require sufficient oxygen for healthy development.

After a certain period of use of these surfaces for sports, the soil will inevitably become compacted. If this compacting has advanced to the stage where not enough water, nutrients and oxygen can penetrate the soil, healthy growth can no longer take place. When the exchange of gases between the soil and the atmosphere is impeded, methane begins to build up. Within this environment, anaerobic bacteria begin to form in the root zone. These microorganisms have a negative effect on root growth.

Consequently, depending on the level of use of the sports grounds, soil aeration must be carried out on a regular basis. In this context, the time at which the aeration occurs and the general manner in which it is carried out depend on several factors, such as the level of moisture in the soil, the soil type or, as mentioned above, the frequency with which the green areas are used.

To assist with the implementation of this aeration work, we offer a wide range of aeration tools in various configurations.
Information on the various designs and areas of applications for our tools can be found below: